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Design & Fabrication

Blue Print

Twinco provides full submittals for all control systems that we design. This includes computerized point to point wiring diagrams generated by our CAD system, sequences of operation and specification sheets bound into presentation booklets for engineers and owners.

Customized control panels and motor starters completely fabricated and tested in-house by our own skilled technicians. This assures quality control and enables us to meet your job schedules by providing immediate delivery of finished products for the HVAC industry. Twinco's panel shop also computer engraves customized nameplates for panels and starters.

Specialized products include pump control panic alarm panels, zone control systems, networked digital control systems, process control systems, motor control centers, pneumatic control systems and remote monitoring systems.



  • Automatic temperature controls

  • Johnson FX control systems

  • Honeywell WEBs control systems

  • Motor starters and control

  • Control panels - Design and fabrication

  • Plan & spec take offs

  • CAD wiring diagrams and submittals

  • Engraved nameplates

  • Pneumatic controls

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